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Tailor-made and personalized

In this category, we will show you a huge variety of special products we designed for our clients.


Get in touch and let’s work together on yours!

We are a company with a long track record in the market, turning ideas into products. Our capabilities allow us to work on large scales industrialized endeavors.

Original designs

We develop products from the very beginning. We will get started with different project outlines, then we will work on the die-casts to later move on to manufacturing and logistics.

You can create your items in a diversity of metals and plastic. Or even better, you can combine both of them in a single product!

We create unique items to make your brand stand out. 

Let’s work together and take your designs to the highest level.

and quality

Contact us!

Tell us your idea and let’s make it happen!


Thank you for your message!

Calle 97 n°703 (ex Victorino de la Plaza), Villa Lynch, San Martin, Prov. Buenos Aires.  |  Whatsapp: +54 9 11 5576-7998

Cel: +54 9 11 5576-7998 

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